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Demonstration to support Kenyan military presence held in Kismayu

1 of 1 Demonstration to support Kenyan military presence held in Kismayu
577 Views Date January 26th, 2014 time 11:42 am

A demonstration to show support to the presence of Kenyan military forces in Jubba and Gedo regions has on Sunday been held in Kismayu, the provincial capital of Lower Jubba region.

The demonstration was organized by the Interim Jubba Administration officials and hundreds of locals took to the streets of Kismayu to show their support to the Kenyan military’s presence in Somalia.

Local businesses and schools in Kismayu remained closed in the early hours of Sunday.

Interim Jubba Administration officials including Minister of Interior and Security, Mohamed Warsame Darwish and Minister of Social Services, Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamud who addressed the demonstrators at Wamo Soccer Stadium said that the interim administration supports the demands of the local people who want Kenyan forces to remain in the country.

Second Vice President of Interim Jubba Administration, Sultan Abdulkadir Luga-dhere who also addressed the demonstrators echoed similar sentiments.

The officials called on the United Nations, African Union, IGAD and the Federal Government of Somalia to allow Kenyan forces who have driven Al Shabaab militants out of Kismayu and other large swathes in the region to remain in the Jubba regions.

Sierra Leone is due to take up the leadership and command of the Sector 5 of the African Union Mission in Somalia from the current Kenyan Command next month.KismaayoII-300x225